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Dr. Daftary is a well known Obstetrician and Gynecologist amongst the fraternity and lay public alike. As an astute clinician he has catered to the who’s who of the country and amongst the fraternity - he is recognized as a master and a teacher par excellence.

He had his Medical Training – Seth G.S.Medical College, KEM Hospital and Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital and Passed MD in1960. Besides Wadia he was trained in Metropolitan General Hospital – Cleveland Ohio, US.

At Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital he has taught for three decades and also held the position of the Dean.

He has Organized several specialty workshops and training courses in various sub specialties. He is still Professor Emiritus at the institute.

He has held many prestigious positions - President of the Bombay Obstetric and Gynaec. Society, President FOGSI ; Jt. Assoc.Editor of the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India and many more.

As a true visionary he has initiated ten new committees in FOGSI – to make it more inclusive and involve more members in FOGSI related activities. Also published the first Undergraduate Text Book under the FOGSI Banner.

For all the work done in FOGSI he was Awarded Life-time Achievement Award at Lucknow AICOG.

He has been an Invited Guest speaker at several national and international conferences.

The list of books he has published is long but a few prestigious ones have been as Joint Editor – Shaw’s Text Book of Gynaecology & Holland and Brew’s Manual of Obstetrics.

Dr Sirish Daftary is a Gem of a human being. A mild mannered man to his patients; a caring teacher who always encourages his associates and juniors. He also knows the art of looking at the lighter side of Clinical practice & has taken a full session on Humor in Medicine in some conferences.

With all that he has done for the fraternity it would not be wrong to call him - “The Grand Old Man Of Obstetrics”.

NMOGS took initiative to honour such a great teacher by starting a prestigious oration in his name so as to carry forward his mission of imparting academic excellence into the future generations of gynaecologists

Dr Vishnu Agarwal , one of sir's student lend a financial support in this endeavour and with his help NMOGS started DR SHIRISH DAFTARY ORATION as an annual event with a tradition of diverse topics with the best available speaker to deliver oration who can give adequate justice to the topic and add to the knowledge of delegates.


Dr M R Rajagopal

2019 : Palliative Care - My Journey


Dr Anjali Chhabriya

2018 : Death Is Not the answer.


Dr Hema Purandare

2017 : Newborn Screening - Hope or Hype


Dr Suleman Merchant

2016 : Organ Donation


Dr Evita Fernandez

2015 : Birthing Practices & Maternal Morbidity


Advocate Vijay Thorat

2014 : Landmark Judgment in medical Negligence.


Dr Nozer Sheriyar

2013 : What Woman Wants ?


Dr Suchitra Pandit

2012 : Why Mothers Die?


Dr Hema Divakar

2011 : Woman's health care in India - We can make a difference



2010 :


Dr Alka Kriplani

2009 - Fibroids and Infertility...which ones to blame


Dr Kahlil Rizvi (UK)

2008 : Ovarian Cancer - Recent Developments in screening and management (Dr. V.M. Agarwal Oration)

Academically RICH

2 Conferences / 3 Orations / 3 Workshops / 6 CME’s / 6 Meet the Expert / 8 Journal Clubs / Research & Data

Overseas Faculty

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